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Your cabin and air filter are two very important parts to your vehicle; here is what they do.

How do You Prepare Your Car for Winter?

Why it is important to stay on top of routine maintenance and tips to do so.

How to Get Your Student's Car Ready for College

When getting your car ready for your out-of-town college student, changing the oil, and checking all fluids and filters is of utmost importance. The fluids include brake, freon level, washer fluid, power steering, and coolant. 

When is it Time for a New Car?

Generally, it is time to purchase a new car when the current vehicle begins to frequently break down and requires costly auto repairs to keep it on the road. If your car is breaking down more than two times a year, it is time to begin searching for a newer and more reliable vehicle.

How do You Prepare Your Car for Winter?

When winterizing your car for winter, a priority is to double-check the tires to make sure they have enough tread to drive safely in snowfall or on icy roads. Without the proper tread height, driving in the winter weather can be more dangerous.