How to Get Your Student’s Car Ready for College

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How to Get Your Student’s Car Ready for College

When getting your car ready for your out-of-town college student, changing the oil, and checking all fluids and filters is of utmost importance. The fluids include brake, freon level, washer fluid, power steering, and coolant. You need to check all of the power systems for the car, including the starter, battery and alternator to ensure the car keeps power while your college student is out of town.

It’s also wise to check the tires for any leaks or damage to make certain they are holding air. It is always a good idea to get the tires rotated before making the trip, if needed.

It is best to do a thorough full service of the car. This will ensure that all belts, wires, and brakes are working properly. You also need to make sure all the dash lights are working properly and that your college student knows what every light means so they can be prepared should something light up.

This preventative maintenance is crucial in preventing breakdowns from happening as your child drives off to college.